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One-to-One Support

We can support every stage of your writing journey with personal feedback, advice and support.

Get one-to-one writing support from trusted experts

We offer support at every stage of the writing process – so whether you’re starting out with a concept or your work just needs that final polish, you’ll be getting the best direct feedback available. All our one-to-one support services are designed to be flexible and work around your timetable.


Get expert one-to-one mentoring as you write and edit your manuscript.

Our experienced mentors have helped hundreds of writers write their own prize-winning books, via constant feedback and advice. The one-to-one tuition is designed to be entirely flexible around your writing life, and if your work is ready by the end, we can help you get it to market, too.

Agents & Book Doctors

Book a fifteen-minute one-to-one session over the phone with an industry expert to get detailed feedback on your manuscript. It couldn’t be easier.

We have a whole host of leading literary agents available with a range of interests – your manuscript could be just what they’re looking for. Book doctors are perfect for those whose work needs that little extra polish before they start submitting.