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Getting Published Month

An annual online event featuring top agents, authors and publishers to help you get your foot in the door

Need a foot in the publishing door? We’re here to help

Our annual Getting Published Month connects writers across the world with top agents, publishers and authors through a series of live interactive online events. While you’ve missed our 2022 event, if you join us a member you can watch all the sessions on replay as well as gain access to a host of other membership benefits.


From ‘insider knowledge’ to juicy hints and tips that you’d only find out from listening to an agent or publisher, it was all really invigorating.
Hazel C

Catch up with each session on replay

How To Perfect Your Pitch and Get An Agent with the Jericho Team

The main thing standing in your way of getting noticed by traditional publishers is an agent. Having a professional champion of your work can change the game completely. Ask Sophie Flynn and Sarah Ann Juckes anything about their experience in doing this and find out their top tips for creating a perfect pitch that’ll grab any (sensible) agents’ attention.

Tackling the Dreaded Synopsis with Cressida Downing

“Sum up your work of lovingly created art into a mere page of pithy plot points!” Why everyone finds writing a synopsis a nightmare, why they are important, what you can learn from your synopsis problems, and how to become accomplished at writing them.

All About Conflict with Adrienne Dines

Creating conflict is key… Stories happen when conflict has to be addressed. It affects plot, structure, beginnings, endings and everything in between. Storytellers need to create credible conflicts – external/ internal/ physical/ psychological/ spiritual – and we need to know what happens next.  Let’s look at how to create conflict that makes for great stories.

Query Letter Masterclass with Silé Edwards

Agents receive hundreds (if not thousands) of query letters a year. Making yours pitch perfect is a real art, and we’re bringing in top agent Silé Edwards from one of the UK’s most successful agencies – Mushens Entertainment – to show you how to make yours sing. We’ll cover elevator pitches, comparisons and descriptions as well as dissecting a letter from an author she’s signed!

Book Doctor Surgery with Debi Alper and Emma Darwin

This is your chance to ask for feedback on any area of your story. Got a worry about characters? Plot? Genre? Or any part of the submission process? As authors themselves, Emma and Debi, know the industry from both sides, having also edited hundreds of novels over the years.

From Slushpile to Publication Deal with Laure Van Rensburg

In this workshop, debut author Laure Van Rensburg will share her path to publication and top tips on how to make your submission stand out from the slushpile and grab an agent’s attention.

Slushpile Live with Susan Yearwood and Jessica Errera

Ever wondered what a literary agent thinks when they open your cover letter? Want to get live feedback on yours? Now is your chance to hear from two top agents: Susan Yearwood and Jessica Errera.

Resilience Coaching with Siobhan Curham

In this motivational and uplifting workshop Siobhan shares the tools and techniques she has used to stay focused and resilient throughout the ups and downs of her writing career. You will learn how to redefine writing success on your own terms, overcome limiting beliefs, write with the joy and imagination of a child, and reframe setbacks and rejections as stepping stones to success.

The State of the Industry Panel with HarperCollins, Sandstone and Catapult

The publishing industry is at best enigmatic and at worst, baffling. Join us for a panel event with publishers from larger and smaller outfits to discuss the industry: what’s working, what’s not, and the lasting effects the pandemic has had on business. Come armed with questions!

Finance for Authors (AKA why you can’t quit the day job just yet) with Sarah Bonner

Sarah Bonner spent fifteen years as an accountant and project manager before taking the plunge to pursue a writing career. In this workshop she’ll cover a series of things for writers to think about, allowing them to maximise time with their own accountants: from advances and royalties to expenses, and more. The session is applicable to new authors – especially those encountering their first trad pub deal.

Take the Cringe Out of Author Branding with Anna Caig

Does the idea of becoming an ‘author brand’ for your book marketing make you cringe? If so, you’re not alone. It can feel awkward, unnatural or even like ‘selling out’. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Anna Caig will talk about how an effective author brand acts as the solid foundation on which your book promotion is built, and how this enables you to find, and build relationships with, readers who will appreciate and love your work.

Ask A 2022 Debut Author Anything with Chloe Ashby, Alison Rumfitt, Nikki May and Sasha Fletcher

We’re bringing four of 2022’s most exciting debut novelists from the UK and USA together to discuss their varied experiences in getting published and launching a book. Come armed with questions for them!

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