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Our Editorial Services

Get help with your book, manuscript or novel from an expert editor. We aim to offer the best editing services in the world.

How Can We Help?

We handle all types of work – fiction, non-fiction and children’s books – and we work with writers from all over the world.

We’ve helped hundreds of writers like you get published (view our success stories), and many of our clients have gone on to win prizes, become bestsellers, get film deals, achieve huge global sales, and more.  Now it’s your turn.

Manuscript Assessment


Our most popular service. One of our editors will read your manuscript in full and give you a detailed structural report on what the problems are, and how to address them. The aim is to help you produce that final perfect draft. Our editors are hugely experienced and have helped countless people through to publication.

Developmental Editing


A step above a Manuscript Assessment, a developmental edit offers in-text feedback and changes throughout your full manuscript on top of a detailed structural report. Your editor will give you detailed feedback on your story and your structure, offering key next steps you’ll need to take and real changes to your manuscript.

Children’s Manuscript Assessment

Children’s Fiction/Non-Fiction

Our children’s editorial team is exceptionally strong and includes authors who have won or been shortlisted for most of the significant awards in children’s books. When you work with our team of editors, you’ll get access to their extraordinary knowledge to make your story shine.

Picture Book Assessment

Children’s Picture Books

Our experienced children’s picture book editors will prepare an in-depth editorial report on your manuscript, providing you with advice to improve your picture book. Our team is hugely-experienced and have worked on thousands of picture books with publishers across the globe.

Agent Submission Pack Review


Get all-important feedback on your synopsis, query letter and the opening 10,000 words of your manuscript. Our editors include literary agents and commissioning editors, and will give you detailed, rigorous feedback on your submission. Perfect for anyone querying agents.

Opening Section Review


Our Opening Section Review will provide you with detailed editorial feedback on the first 20,000 words of your manuscript. You’ll receive a report on what the problems are, and how to address them, which you can take forward into the rest of your manuscript.

Ideal if you’re just starting out and need some experienced direction and advice.

Screenplay and Script Reviews

Get a full report on your screenplay or script by a professional script editor. Whether it’s a full feature, or a shorter script, our experts will give you the constructive advice to get your script into shape. Our screen editors are experienced screenwriters themselves and know precisely what the industry is looking for – and how to give them what they need.

Our Copy-Editing and Proofreading Services

Text-correction comes in three main flavours: Copy-Editing, Line-Editing, and Proofreading. All of them aim to eliminate mistakes and perfect your writing on a sentence level – but some services offer more than others. Let us help you figure out which service is right for you.