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Manuscript Assessment Service

Give your manuscript the best chance of succeeding with detailed editorial feedback from a professional book editor.

Manuscript Assessment at a glance

What it is: Used by thousands of writers every year, a Manuscript Assessment will help you make your draft the best it can possibly be. This is the gold-standard way to improve your work and get personal, professional advice from leading industry experts.

What you get: Your assessment will give you comprehensive, structural editorial feedback on your entire manuscript. This advice may offer help on style, structure, pacing, characterisation, marketability – and whatever else your editor thinks you need to know. You’ll get detailed advice on how to address any problems raised and opportunity to ask your editor follow-up questions. If you’re not sure this service is for you, book a consultation with us

Turnaround time: Usually three – four weeks.

Suitable for: Fiction and non-fiction writers at all levels.

Our experience: We’ve helped hundreds of people improve their writing, find agents and get published. Our clients include those who have written bestsellers, got film-deals, had multi-million sales as self-publishers, and many more besides. Meet some of our successes.

Pricing: Dependent on word count. Get an instant quote here.

How does it work?

When you buy a Manuscript Assessment, you’ll be invited to upload your full manuscript, let us know its rough genre and ask any burning questions you have. Our expert team will then hand-pick your perfect editor based on genre, style, story, and readership. We will liaise with you and them to make sure you’re happy with the match. See our editors.

Your editor will then carefully read your entire work. They’ll figure out what is and isn’t working and put together a comprehensive editorial report that explains where any problems might lie, and how best to address them. That report will be a minimum of 3,500 words or around 7 pages long (assuming your manuscript is at least 60K words itself.)

Once you have your report, we recommend taking a day or two to think things over, before contacting your editor with any follow-up questions you may have. (Need extra support? You can always book some post-editorial mentoring too.)

Introductions to Literary Agents

Our editors act as our talent scouts; if they’re seriously impressed with your work, we’ll use our extensive contacts to get your manuscript the attention it deserves (with your consent, of course).

There’s no cost for this – if our editors think your work is good enough to get an agent and be published, we want to help make that happen. Please note however that this service is only reserved for publication-ready manuscripts, and this accounts for only a small percentage of stories we see. Read our success stories.

What our customers think about our editorial services

I don’t know how to thank you enough for your perceptive and incisive report. I’ve been desperate for help like this and so much wish that I had found Jericho Writers a few years ago.

Richard F

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Our Guarantee

We’re confident that we’re the best at what we do. That’s why we offer a guarantee for all the editorial work we undertake.

We promise:

  • To give you a stringent, in-depth report.
  • To use an expert editor with authority in the industry.
  • To consider the market for your manuscript.
  • To be honest and constructive.
  • To respect your copyright.
  • To pitch your work to agents on your behalf if, in our view, it is strong enough to be marketed.
  • To respond honestly and in good faith in case of problems,
  • To advise you honestly, always.

We’ve had thousands of satisfied customers – and helped countless writers like you get agented and published. Join them!

Manuscript Assessment


Full Manuscript Assessment

An estimated 4 week turnaround.
Members receive 10% discount.

Express Full Manuscript Assessment

An expedited 2 week turnaround.
Members receive 10% discount.
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Frequently asked


How do I submit my manuscript?

Do you have manuscript or screenplay in need of a professional set of eyes? Here are the steps to follow:
1) Select your word count in the box above.
2) ‘Click on “Add to basket’
3) Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll be sent an email with a link to upload your manuscript.


How should I format my manuscript

Please use an easy-to-read font like Times New Roman, 12pt. Don’t forget to also number your pages and use double spacing.


Should I include my illustrations (picture books only)?

You’re more than welcome to include your illustrations when you submit your picture book(s) so your editor can have a look. Don’t have any illustrations? Don’t worry, this isn’t essential and in fact if you’re thinking of publishing traditionally, publishing houses will often provide their own illustrator.


How long will it take to match my manuscript with an editor?

We aim to match you with the right editor within 2-4 days. We’ll get back to you as soon as the choice has been confirmed.


How do you choose the editor?

We match manuscripts based on 15 years of experience working with our editors. We consider editor experience, their genres of interest, and whether they themselves feel they are the right fit for your work. As all our editors are freelance, this depends on availability.  


Can I choose my editor?

If you have a particular editor in mind, we will of course do our best to match you with them. We cannot guarantee this, however, as all of our editors are freelance and there are times when they are unavailable due to demand and/or other commitments.

Once you have placed your order, you’re welcome to send a shortlist of 4-5 editors from our website (and we’lll do our best to place you with your preferred editors.


Is there a discount for resubmitting the same manuscript for a second read?

Yes. You’re entitled to a 10% discount if you’re submitting the same manuscript again for a full manuscript assessment. To get the coupon code you need, just get in touch!


What if my book is good enough? Will you help me find an agent?

On some occasions, an editor will flag a manuscript as submission ready. When this happens, a member of the Jericho Writers team will look at the author’s agent submission pack and provide some free advice on it, plus access to AgentMatch. On some occasions, where the manuscript shows real promise, we’ll also approach agents on the author’s behalf.

It’s worth noting however, that this service is reserved for manuscripts which editors believe have strong commercial potential and are of a very high quality. Please don’t be disappointed if yours isn’t selected – most manuscripts require quite a few rewrites before reaching submission standard!


Which editorial service is right for me?

We offer quite a few editorial services so you’re right to take the time to consider all of your options. You can take a look at all of our editorial services here. You might also like to read our article explaining all the different types of editorial services. If you’re still not sure, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to offer more advice.